When Is It Time To Take Down The Christmas Tree?

Just as there are differing opinions on when to put your Christmas tree up, the same goes for the question of when to take down a Christmas tree.

There are several answers to the question of when to take down a Christmas tree. Some are religious based, some are superstitious and some are just plain old common sense. Whichever one you choose, you’ll find it easier to make sure your Christmas tree is taken down in a timely manner once you have a specific date to get it done by. Not that your lazy or anything…right?

Take Down Your Christmas Tree Before The New Year

This is one of the superstitious answers to the question of when to take down your Christmas tree. The reason it falls into the superstition category is because it is thought that if you leave up your Christmas tree past the ringing in of the New Year, you are bringing the past year into the New Year and it is bad luck. So there you have it…take down those trees before January 1st or you will have bad luck all year. Also you are probably sick of all that Yankee swap games and gifts as well as a hangover from your Christmas drinking games.

Take Down Your Christmas Tree On January 5th – The Twelfth Day

The Christmas carol, The Twelve Days of Christmas, is actually based on the belief that Christmas is celebrated for twelve nights beginning on December 25th. This is why there are people who strongly believe that you should keep your Christmas tree up until January 5th which would mark the twelfth day of Christmas.

Take Down Your Christmas Tree On January 6th – The Epiphany

The religious answer to the question of when to take down a Christmas tree is usually that it should be taken down on the Epiphany which is January 6th. This day is also known as Three Kings day. This day is meant to celebrate the fact that God had taken a human form…Jesus.

The Irish call this day “Little Christmas”. It has long since been a tradition for the Irish to keep their tree up until Little Christmas Day when it is taken down. You’re probably sick of looking at that empty Wii box anyways cause you’re playing it the second you opened it and just threw the empty box there. Hey did you get any freeringtones for that new Chocolate or Razr phone?

Take Down Your Christmas Tree When It’s Right For You

This is called the common sense answer to the question of when to take down your Christmas tree. What if you didn’t water your tree as often as you should and it is all dried out (who would let that happen?) are you going to keep a really dead tree in your living room because you are afraid of bad luck? No. You remove it.

What if you Christmas tree is a huge inconvenience in terms of your living space? Are you going to continue to have to eat with TV trays or are you going to move your dining room table back to where it should be? Right. You would take down your Christmas tree as soon as possible and get back your living area.

So while it’s nice to have traditions you really have to make the decision based on what is right for you and your family.


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14 comments on “When Is It Time To Take Down The Christmas Tree?
  1. Ken Savage says:

    the day after was fine with me.

  2. kelly says:

    I don’t take it down to after New years. I don’t decorate until early December and I both a real and artificial tree. It is still the Christmas season threw the new year. I think it is stupid to take it down the day after Christmas.

  3. pudden tane says:

    Christmas is over at 12 midnight , christmas night, take it down on the 26th

  4. heather says:

    As a child we were always raised to leave out Christmas tree up until the New Year. This is my first Christmas as a married couple, and I will take my Chrismas tree down after tomorrow, New Years Day.

  5. steve says:

    I still have my christmas tree up & heard that it could be either good luck or bad luck leaving the tree up after new years.

  6. mark snow says:

    I leave mine up till new year its a TRADITION!!!!!

  7. Santa Claus says:

    No….Christmas is not over on the 26. Sure Christmas DAY is over, of course, but not the Christmas season. The whole Christmas season begins on Christmas Day (the 1st day of Christmas) and lasts for 12 day, then we have the Epiphany. The 12 days of Christmas isn’t a mere song. I wish our culture celebrated Xmas like it was supposed to be celebrated. Leave up the tree the whole season, and take it down either on or after the day of Epiphany. (But certainly take it down before Easter….or I would say before Candlemas.)

  8. devinjgray says:

    The evergreen tree brought into the home is a pagan tradition that predates christianity. It was brought into the home in the weeks before the solstice to remind people that, though the days were getting shorter and the sun seemed to be leaving the earth, life would return. It was taken down in the week after the solstice, when people saw that indeed the days had started to get longer again and life would return. I don’t have an opinion about when someone else should take their tree down, but more facts are always better.

  9. Melissa says:

    To me, taking it down before New Year’s feels so boring and cheerless.

    If you think about what is traditional in a longer sense time-wise and consider what is beyond a particular family or neighborhood, the “older/widespread” traditions are to definitely have the tree up until -after- New Year’s.

    The Twelfth Night and the Epiphany are associated with traditions of when to keep your tree up till (or take down). But they aren’t the only ones. Many millions of Christians don’t celebrate Christmas until January 7th or later.

    My feeling is to enjoy it well into January (past Orthodox Christmas). I usually begin putting very Christmas/Holiday decorations away after Jan 9th. But the tree stays up in all its glory. I feel happy having this beautiful reminder of Christmas during the grey days of January.

    Sometime during the last week of January or the first week of February, I take it down. Some think that it should be down before Feb 2 (Candlemas*), but if the winter has been a really cold one, I feel fine (and happy) having it up past that. But, I always have it down before the week of Ash Wednesday.

    When talking about what is more widely the tradition or the older tradition, I keep the older way of putting it up in December. Never in November. Actually, I’m familiar with the old believe that it shouldn’t be decorated until Christmas Eve.

    *For those who aren’t familiar with Candlemas – it’s also known as Presentation of Jesus at the Temple.

  10. Jaime Richards says:

    As a child, we took it down the day after Christmas because my brother’s birthday is on the 28th. Christmas was over and we were celebrating him now. As an adult, my oldest child’s birthday is January 4th, so we make sure it is down by then.

  11. Abby says:

    Keep until the 10th of Jan when festive season is over.

  12. Gordon McManus says:

    I leave my up till Jan 18

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